Sunday, November 15, 2009

This is gonna be a doozy!

I've got to get this little blog of mine up to speed! I am SO far behind!

Miss Keslie turned FOUR in October! What a little angel she is! We had a playgroup pumpkin party on her day and then the big party was the following Saturday. She wanted a Dora party so I did what I could. =)
Here is our little miss at the pumpkin party!

For her birthday dinner we did pizzas on the grill! It was SO fun and SO yummy! Kes didn't get as into the dough throwing as Anika and I did. She liked watching! She did have fun putting the toppings on though!
I put my Subway braiding skills to work and taught Anika how to braid. She was so proud! She braided the 2 on the left all by herself!
Making the birthday cake!

She was so nice to share the bowl with Anika. =) That is one of the many things we love about her - she is always trying to make others happy!
Another one of my fancy cake creations! Hahahaha!
Decorating cupcakes at the birthday party!
Keslie wanted me to straighten her hair like mine - she's a cutie! I think I like her curly mess the best though!

After Keslie's party was over we had a little party for our now 30 year old! We took Nathan to Red Robins for his birthday with the Gordons, the O'briens, and the Liddells. It was great fun even though we couldn't hear each other! We headed back to our house for some cake and ice cream and other adventures (haha - you had to be there!).

Here he is! He's pretty thrilled to be 30! Brooke made his awesome cake! AND are you proud that I had REAL birthday candles this time? We were still using tea candles on my birthday. =)

Sadly, I didn't get a single picture of the adults! Can you believe it?! Here are some of the kids though!
Dr. West has a lot to be proud of! Forgive me as I BRAG about him. I'm allowed because this is my blog and I love him and he has worked his booty off these past several years!
He should be proud about:
1. Being born.
2. Being the cutest baby ever - besides his own offspring - I know where they get it!
3. Wearing "Hammer pants" and pulling. them. off. (Thanks HIMYM for all the great one liners!)
4. Getting his teeth knocked out and being super brave.
5. Being wicked awesome at roller blading and street hockey.
6. Being elementary school best friends with Rick from LIFEHOUSE. He likes to drop that into his conversations whenever possible!
7. Getting his Eagle Scout.
8. Being a Gilbert golden scholar for 9 consecutive years.
9. Getting a full ride scholarship to the UofA!
10. Sky diving - 3 times.
11. Serving a mission for our chuch in Cali, Colombia.
12. Marrying a pretty stellar girl. =)
13. Being an awesome kisser. =)
14. Anika
15. Graduating with a bachelors degree in business management.
16. Hello! Awesome score on the DAT.
17. Getting into the University of Connecticut for dental school. Yay!
18. Keslie
19. Being a great dad and husband and still excelling in school. That boy knows how to take a test!
20. Awesome board scores!
22. Going to Paraguay as a volunteer to work on teeth.
23. Brenan
24. Getting into his #1 choice of Pedo programs.
25. Graduating dental school!
And to top it off he should be proud that he can:
26. Quote just about any movie even if he's only seen it once.
27. Blow into his hands and make a loud whistle sound.
28. Vacuum up massive cockroaches without even shuddering.
29. Eat and Eat and not gain a pound!
30. AND dance like it's going out of style - you'll never see him do it though! Only select few get to see him groove on the dance floor!
We love you Nathan!!
The actual birthday (back to the tea lights. It's tradition now!).
Pumpkin carving family home evening.

Seaworld had some fun Halloween stuff going on so we checked it out a couple times! SO fun!
I took Bren and Kes the day before Halloween. They dressed up and we saw a couple shows. It was fun hanging out with my little buddies.

Trunk or treating and Trick or treating!

Brenan had a VERY grouchy weekend!

The older kiddos all ready to go!
We had our very own Colombian this year!Anika the dragon and Matthew the wild thing totally hit it off!
Here is our sweet butterfly!
Sorting and organizing the candy! We were seriously lacking in the chocolate area.
Anika's artwork was chosen to be displayed at the library! Isn't she so cute! FYI - she is doing tons better! I think she was just adjusting to the kindergarten thing. I love the little notes she writes me almost daily. I'll have to scan a couple and post them. They are so sweet!

This cute, little guy turned ONE! He's standing on his own a lot but hasn't taken a step! He is totally into kissing and his favorite person to kiss in Nathan! It's adorable!

King of the wild things. =)
Scary picture of me but you had to see his cute cake!

Here is our cake extraordinaire! Thank you Brooke!
He pretty much devoured the whole thing. =)

Because he's cute:
I've been having fun with the girls hair! I love that they will sit and let me play with it! I really need to learn how to french braid!

In closing I would just like to say that a cockroach walked on my foot last night and Nathan didn't understand even a little bit why I screamed bloody murder. =) EEEeeeAHhhHH!!! I just shivered up and down. Worst part? He didn't even vacuum it up - we couldn't find it so it's somewhere in my baby's room. That's a fun thought! =)

Anyway - love y'all!


Macey said...

How fun! Exciting times-love the girls hair too :)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to everyone in the West home! And I always knew you were great with your girls hair, but WOW!!! You're amazing.

Traci said...

SO many fun things!! LOVE ALL the cakes!! You are AMAZING at doing hair!! You don't need french braids when you can do that stuff! You're kids are adorable & Happy B-day to all-haha!

Humphries Family:) said...

It sounds like you had a lot going on:) Thank you for all the hair pictures, when Payten gets older I am defently going to need some great hair styles, OR we just live by eachother and you can help me with hair styles:) Thank you for all your Great posts, we always Love to see how you guys are doing. We miss you and love you:)

Renae said...

Oh My Goodness111 Happy Birthday everyone!!! Thanks , Brit, for the update, You made us feel like we were there!!! Wow, you really look like your MOM, and Anika tossing ;pizza looks like you at that age , and cute Kes, with her straight hair. Brenan is big now. Thanks Nathan for your work ethics. Thanks Brit, for being the MOM. Love to you all. Gran and Papa

Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

There's no way you can do all those fancy hair things and not be able to french braid! If a roach walked across my foot I would probably die and you had every right to scream:) Love all the cakes. Keslie is getting so big, like a little girl instead of a toddler...

Mandi said...

You go sister! I was just realizing that I haven't posted since August so I am waay behind you. I loved all of your pictures and ate up every word. I miss you my dearest. Thanks for the great chat this morning. It's nice to know that I am so loved. I love you!

Mandi said...

It has to be said that Good Grief on the fancy hair! You could totally be doing fancy up-dos for their prom and such. Too bad Katie's got me. She gets ponies, piggies and braids. Thats about it. It's a good thing she's cute and can get away with mediocre hair talent from her mom. I am seriously impressed! Love you! I am done now.

Anonymous said...

It was extremely interesting for me to read the blog. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

Jenn said...

Brittanie I miss you and your family SO much! I'm glad I got to get a little caught up with you! So, you had dinner with my MIA huh! Hope you are enjoying TX! I can't believe Brenan is 1 and Kes is 4! That's CRAZY! I wish I had a girl to do cool hair with but I couldn't come close to your talent! Anyways, I love you guys!