Saturday, November 01, 2008

All Hallows Eve

That's what they call Halloween on HOCUS POCUS right?? Great movie. I wish we'd watched it last night! I don't think that Nathan has ever seen it!

We had a pretty fun time trick-or-treating last night! The girls were so darn cute! We also had a great time carving pumpkins the other night for FHE. As you can see, we didn't take too many pictures! Sorry! I think I'll keep these costumes out for them to play with - they have LOVED tromping around in them the past couple weeks! Nathan's family always came home from trick-or-treating and had donuts and hot cocoa so that's what we did afterwards. I can't believe it's NOVEMBER!!


The Allen's said...

Someday I hope we live close enough to each other that we can go together like we did with the kriegs. Those girlies looked so cute. One more week til your little sweet boy is here. Broke down to Spencer about not being able to see him little or when in fact I ever will. Great now I am crying again. Bless this pregnancy stuff. I love you a ton. Hope you guys had a fabulous All Hallows Eve. weird that I was also calling it that yesterday. We were in sync. : )

Susan said...

ooo... I love Hocus Pocus! Haven't seen it in ages. I love those costumes - they both look so snuggly. And now I'm craving donuts and hot chocolate - thanks! ;)

lnkmom said...

So cute! I love their little faces! I can't believe they let you paint them!

I like the donuts and hot choc. idea, sounds like a great tradition!

Mom said...

Happy November! Your girls look darling in their costumes! Good luck when the baby comes soon!
Aunt Nancy

Amy and David said...

They look adorable. So you must have got your camera fixed, right?
I was very nervous for you.
Thanks for the fun party. You are amazing!

LJAandB said...

Your girls look so adorable, but now it's time to post another picture of you for all of us who live too far away! i can't wait to see your new little guy.

B said...

The girls look so cute! So, I just have one addition - we also had apple cider to go along with the donuts (actually, I don't remember the hot chocolate having anything to do with it). But, to each his own! Love you!