Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Please make my brain STOP!!!

Seriously. I wish I could just think about one thing at a time. There is TOO much going on!!

Here are the things that are taking up room in my brain right now:

1. Baby stuff!! I want to paint. I want to set everything up! I want to BUY BUY BUY!! Unfortunately, I have to hold back on the buying because of $$$. =)

2. Food. Healthy food. I've started us on a fun little "word of wisdom" diet and I'm having a blast trying new recipes and learning how to use whole grains and veggies! AND guess what! I made refried beans from SCRATCH. And tortillas! And Mexican rice. AND blueberry pancakes. Anyway - I'm having fun but I really, really, really want to buy a -

3. Bosch Mixer and Nutrimill grinder. Because life would be easier if I could make homemade bread with these things. And because they are SO cool. And because I could use them in utilizing my -

4. Food Storage!! It is always on my mind and I get really excited and then really overwhelmed. But I'm tackling it this time and nothing is going to stop me. Except maybe Nathan when I tell him I want to spend $600 on a Bosch and grinder and then I want to spend even more on lots of food. He will laugh. Even if I tell him it's for my birthday. =) Don't get me wrong - he's totally on board with the food storage thing but I don't think he counts a mixer as "food storage". =)

5. Preschool. I am so excited for Joy School. I signed up and the lessons are so fun and I think the girls are going to LOVE it! I feel like I have tons to do to get ready for that to start.

6. I have a visitor coming next week!! Kensi is coming to stay for a whole 7 days and I am FREAKING out with excitement!! I can't wait!! I just want to paint before she gets here!!

7. The wallpaper in our bathroom. It's really bugging me but there is a chance we are moving in less than a year and I'm not sure if I want to take on that project.

8. Nathan's applications! He just sent them in yesterday so now we wait! He will be interviewing in NOVEMBER. Yeah. That's when the baby is due. PERFECT TIMING!! =) He applied to 12 residency programs. So we could end up in Connecticut, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, South Carolina, Colorado, Missouri, or Pennsylvania. We'll know by January!

9. Keslie does not want to potty train. And she has been saying some cute things but I love it when she busts out with "DANG IT DANG IT DANG IT!!!"

10. My pelvis hurts SO bad. I might have done too much last weekend with the tag sale. I don't know, but I can barely walk.

Anyway - I'm off to bed!! G'nite!


lnkmom said...

Oh, my, gosh! I have a rambling mind like that too! One thing just leads to another and then you feel all stressed out!

Good luck convincing the hubby about the mixer and mill, that would be considered a Huge un-necessary expense at this house too!

Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

Wow, you need to rest your brain :) I'm sorry your pelvis is hurting. I had the same problem with the last pregnancy. I found sitting around and doing nothing helped...good luck with that.

Fred and Meili said...

You are CRAZY, AWESOME! I love it. Every night when I go to bed I lay there for hours and similar things run through my head!

Amber said...

You are hilarious!! I love it! My mind works the same way. Sometime I should sit down and write it all out. It might help relieve the stress I am feeling at the moment! You're awesome Brittanie!!!

Tim and Amy said...

Sounds like constant excitement in your life! I'm crossing my fingers for CO because how cool would that be?! What are you hoping for? Are you looking for change or are you wanting to stay put in CT for a while longer?