Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

I know! I'm a tad bit late in posting this! We were really lucky and got to be in Philidelphia over the 4th! It was awesome and such a neat experience! I got goose bumps while I read about the different historical things that happened there. Nathan's parents met us there and we had a FABULOUS weekend!! Here is the abridged rundown (check out the picture album for more details):

Friday 7/4 - the trip there went a million times faster this time around! Instead of 6 hours it only took us 3.5! We got there a little early so we went and perused the Babies R Us that was across the street. I love that place! When Mom and Dad West arrived we went to Mickey D's and then hung out in the hotel while the girls jumped around wearing glow bracelets. They were in heaven. We did catch some fireworks at Sesame Place that night but it was a really short show!! It lasted about 10 minutes but it was still really fun!!

Saturday - We took a trip to Hershey, PA and got to visit Chocolate World and Hershey Park! It was AWESOME! Hershey, PA is beautiful. I could live there. There were some seriously crazy roller coasters there! Someday I am going to go back when I can ride them! The girls loved the rides and the hershey kiss character and the zoo!

On Sunday we went to church in the morning and then went and saw the sights in Philadelphia. 2 things cooled us off - the M&M man that was giving away free ice-cream and the downpour of rain right as we were leaving! It was SO fun! We walked about 5 or 6 blocks in the pouring rain and it felt amazing! We were drenched and I loved every minute of it!

On Monday we went to Sesame Place. The girls were in heaven! They met several Sesame Street characters and went on tons of rides! Keslie is our little daredevil and is still talking about the roller caseter (that's how she says it) she went on Papa. Anika is all about the rides that go round and round. =) We did get her to go down one of those HUGE white water slides all by herself though! I was shocked! I thought Nathan would be able to go down with her but they wouldn't let him so she had to do it alone and she did great! We loved the lazy river and the live shows. I love this picture!

Best of all we loved being with Mom and Dad. We love living in New England but it's hard not getting to see them as much. We are so glad that they came out and we had such a fun time!! Thanks guys!!!

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Heidi Ann said...

Sounds like a killer weekend. Wish I could be there! You are looking SO cute, I love your belly. I must say I'm not jealous of your large.... Your girls are getting so big and have such cute smiles!

Mom said...

It sounds like such a fun weekend! Your girls are so cute! Glad gma & gpa got to visit you!

LJAandB said...

What a fun time. I wish we would have done Sesame Place while we were in CT, but we'll just have to do it another time. Hope you are feeling good and enjoying your summer! Your girls look so much bigger to me.

Kim said...

How fun! Did you see Coco there? She was there with a friend and her family.....did the whole New York thing and surrounding areas for 12 days.

Your little girlies are so darling! I can't wait to see your boy.